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We Specialize in Understanding

Hearing loss impacts millions of people, and yet so many of these people do not seek treatment. If you think about people suffering with hearing impairment you would also need to be mindful of the family and friends that also suffer with the hearing-impaired person. Family and friends realize how difficult and challenging it can be to stay connected meaningfully to a spouse or loved one dealing with hearing loss. In many situations, the person experiencing the hearing loss slowly disconnects from their world, and this can cause many other relational, emotional, and overall quality-of-life issues. It doesn't have to be like this though!

I love what I do because I have the opportunity to reconnect people to a meaningful, vibrant, and joyful life through hearing-aid technology. Let's face it: taking the step to have a hearing test and accepting that you have a hearing loss takes courage. I understand how difficult that can be; I'm human. I hate accepting my own frailty, yet there are solutions available. I firmly believe and my clients will confirm that I can be that person in your life to offer empathy, care, and professional expertise to get you reconnected to the quality of life you desire! When you come to Clear Choice Hearing Center, you are not coming to a huge, impersonal corporate conglomerate. You are coming to a place in which I and my staff are committed to each individual person. We will give you the support and care that you deserve for the investment that you are making into your hearing. 


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Clear Choice Core Values


    The most meaningful life is the most connected life, so we want to connect you to family, friends and the world around you. It’s not only about transmitting sound waves more effectively; it's about fully participating and fully engaging in the rich life happening around you.


    When people realize that they have hearing loss, they assume louder is better, but that is not totally true. What a person needs is clarity and distinction. You need to understand, not just hear.


    Many in life just exist, they don’t live. When we have hearing loss, we tend to withdraw as we can’t understand what is being said to us. When a child or grandchild comes to share their lives with us and we hear what they are saying, we can celebrate together, we hurt together, we can enjoy life’s greatest moments together.


    Society today can leave us feeling undervalued and not heard. We want to listen to each person’s individual story and then discover the best options for their hearing healthcare needs.


    We all have limited resources, so when it is time to make a financial investment, especially into something as important as hearing healthcare, we want our clients to know that their money was spent for a high quality of life—bottom line.

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We work with the top hearing-aid manufacturers in the world who produce the highest quality hearing aids in the industry. We are also professionally trained in hearing instrument sciences which includes full comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine the nature and degree of a person’s hearing loss and then fitting them with the best hearing instruments for their specific needs.  Successful hearing aid fittings require intentional and skillful follow-up from the provider. We have systematic follow up plan for each of our clients. This ensure we have successful hearing aid fittings.

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